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Casting for Two Podcast: Pohgoh

Welcome everyone to episode 494!  Our guest for this episode is a phenomenal person, a musician, and a songwriter. Please clap hands for the amazing Susie Ulrey from the band Pohgoh! Be sure to pick up the new album du und ich Warning this music is fantastic and will make you feel all the feels!

Dig Me Out Podcast: Keith and Susie Ulrey of Pohgoh

Formed in 1994 out of punk rock roots, Pohgoh’s poppier sounds earned the Florida band comparisons to acts like Velocity Girl and Superchunk. A split single with Braid was released in 1996 and by the time Pohgoh was ready to record a full length, singer Kobi Finley had been replaced by Susie Richardson. What should have been the start of a great relationship with the newly created label Deep Elm Records wound up dissolving quickly after drummer Keith Ulrey unceremoniously quit the band after the full length, In Memory of Bab, had been recorded but shortly before a record deal was signed....

RiYL Podcast - Episode 533: Susie Ulrey (of Pohgoh)

We postpone the interview a few days, as there’s a hurricane bearing down on Florida. Tampa staved off the worst of it, but it’s another one of those things – counting yourself lucky that you made it through another one okay. In addition to managing the occasional natural disaster, Pohgoh’s existence has been a series of ups and down. The group spent the better part of two decades in a kind of quantum state – together, but also not really – until it properly reunited in 2016. This year’s du und ich is the group’s second LP in this latest...