Spinning Out: Episode 176 with Aaron Stauffer of Ghost Work

This week on the pod I’m joined by Aaron Stauffer of Ghost Work, and previously of Seaweed. We’re talking about The Pretenders debut S/T album. We also chat about being compelled to create, the genre tags new wave & grunge, Frank Kozik, and the term “young rock.” Aaron’s band Ghost Work have a new album Light a Candle For the Lonely out now. The group features members of Snapcase, Minus the Bear and Milemarker. 

The New Scene - Episode 216: Aaron Stauffer of Seaweed / Ghost Work

Keith sits down with Aaron Stauffer to discuss growing up in Stillicum, Washington, the rise of alternative music and the scene in and around Seattle in the late 80's and 90's, Aaron's history with music, the formation of Seaweed, the band's history, signing with Sub Pop Records, their Hollywood Records debut Spanaway, the follow up LP Actions and Indications and the initial end of the band. We also discuss Aaron's new band Ghost Work, how Aaron joined the band and the making of their upcoming LP Light a Candle For The Lonely.

The New Scene - Episode 198: Jeff Caudill of Gameface / Low Coast

Keith from The New Scene Podcast sits down with Jeff Caudill to discuss growing up in Irvine, California, discovering the local scene, Inside Out live shows, Jeff's new band Low Coast, their latest LP Existing the Dream, and the band's creative process. They also discuss Gameface, the band's history, their evolution over the years, some early tours, the tragic loss of original drummer Bob Binckley, signing with Revelation Records, the initial breakup of the band, the reunion and more.

The Rumors Are True! Podcast: Doug Lorig (Calm Collapse, Roadside Monument)

Jeremy Alan Gould welcomes Doug Lorig of Calm Collapse to The Rumors Are True! podcast. They discuss Doug's journey into music, his time in Roadside Monument, as well as his current project, Calm Collapse.

The Musicscope Episode 8: Technology's Influence on Art with Eric Axelson

Mike Grubb of The Musicscope spoke with Eric Axelson, bassist of Milliseconds and the Dismemberment Plan to discuss how technology has influenced him and what changes are alive in music today. Eric also shares some D-Plan history, gear knowledge and what influences made him the unique player he is today.  Check out Eric's new band, Milliseconds on all the socials, and hear his work with Dismemberment Plan and Maritime on your favorite streaming services. 

Washed Up Emo #226 - Jeff Caudill (Low Coast, Gameface)

Today on the podcast we welcome again Jeff Caudill from Gameface and his new band called Low Coast They have an album out right now called Existing The Dream out on Spartan Records. Think Death Cab from Cutie meets Wilco. What was great is that Jeff and I did this in person and was so nice after so many interviews have been done remote.