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The New Scene - Episode 148: Allen Epley of Shiner / The Life and Times

Take a deep breath! Allen Epley joined the The New Scene Podcast to discuss the history of Shiner, the recording of some of their classic LP's, life on the road, the initial end of the band, the beginning of The Life and Times, Shiner's initial reunion and their latest LP Schadenfreude, what's next for both bands, Allen's podcast @scratchthirdgear, performing with the Blue Man Group, his new solo album, and more. Phew! Listen now everywhere you get podcasts. Guest co-hosts: Josh Brigham and Adam Morgan of Hopesfall.

My First Band Episode 173 – Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times)

Midwestern rock and roll fans rejoice because this week's guest is the great Allen Epley. You likely know Epley as the vocalist and guitarist of Shiner and The Life And Times, as the host of the Third Gear Scratch podcast, and as a member of BirdHands and the backing band of the Chicago Blue Man Group. He's up to a lot at the moment, including a Shiner tour (and the upcoming vinyl re-release of the band's entire catalog via Spartan Records) and writing a new The Life And Times record. Between the busy modern happenings and his decades of amazing...