· By Spartan Records

Pohgoh Premieres New Music Video for "Hammer"

We're thrilled to share Pohgoh's new music video for "Hammer." The song was inspired by singer Susie Ulrey’s struggle with multiple sclerosis, and its video is a timelapse of a digital painting of Susie created by animator Michael Knapp (Spies In Disguise, the Ice Age franchise, etc.)

“‘Hammer’ is such a disarmingly personal, honest and hauntingly beautiful depiction of what Susie wrestles with internally and externally,” Michael says. “It really resonated with me and brought to mind things my dad (also a musician) expressed to me while he struggled with Parkinson’s disease. In this painting, I was trying to convey some of that strength and determination that Susie projects even as she lives with challenges that few of us can see or even imagine.”