The World According to Sam Goblin

For over a decade, Sam Goblin has been crafting songs that seemlessly weave DC post-punk vibes with folk and indie influences to create something unique and unexpected. Dive into Sam's handpicked favorites from Mister Goblin and Two Inch Astronaut in this specially curated Spotify playlist.

Johnathon Ford: 80's Influences, Pt. 1 Spotify Playlist

Johnathon Ford of Unwed Sailor lives and breathes 80's music. Listen to this hand-picked playlist of over 20 of his favorite songs of the decade, including songs from New Order, U2, Phil Collins, and more.

Influences Playlist: Spotify

Behind every Unwed Sailor album, there are bands, artists, and songs that help direct and navigate the songwriting and flow of the album. The band has put together a playlist of the songs and artists that inspired the making of the new album Truth or Consequences. Enjoy!