· By Spartan Records

New Traindodge B-Side "Trouble In The Hills" Available Now

Traindodge's new b-side from The Alley Parade sessions is out now. Listen to "Trouble In The Hills" and get an instant download of two b-sides when you purchase "The Alley Parade" on LP / CD / digital at Bandcamp. About the song, guitarist and lead vocalist Jason Smith says:

"'Trouble In The Hills' was the first song we demo’ed after the last album. The song’s rolling, monolithic nature and theme were inspired by a recurring dream I have about having a sanctuary deep in the middle of nowhere. In the dream, I basically just walk to this place and it always takes me a long time to get there, walking up mountains and along ridges but I welcome the voyage every time. It’s always satisfying. Sometimes the dream ends halfway through the trip. But usually it ends as I’m walking up to the entrance. I never make it inside but I’m always relieved when I get there."