· By John Frazier

New Secret Stuff EP "This Is Fine" Available Now

The long-awaited EP from Nashville’s Secret Stuff, This Is Fine, is available now! The 5 songs on the EP capture the angst and misery of formative years, set on the backdrop of struggling to do even that. It focuses on shortcomings, the burdens of stress, overly critical self-analysis, and coming to terms with it all. If you like pure old-school emo bands like American Football or Mineral -- or even new schoolers like Into It. Over It. and You Blew It!, you'll love Secret Stuff.

Pick up your copy of the EP on awesome limited edition 12" etched vinyl, cassette (shipping in February), or as a digital download at the outlets below and keep reading to see what people are already saying about the new EP.

    Praise for Secret Stuff:

    "With the way that this three piece bares all on this EP, it’s hard to believe that they go through such an emotional journey in only five short songs, and it only makes one wonder what they’ll be able to accomplish on any future releases. This Is Fine promises a bright future for Secret Stuff, and by the end of the EP, you’ll be rooting for them, too." (Rating: 5/5) - The Prelude Press

    "...this is a band showing plenty of promise. The EP conveys a lot of emotions and the musicianship is top quality. It will be interesting to see where they go with a full length release." - The Punk Archive

    "...a really great EP with some excellent musicians working together to create some spot on melodies. Secret Stuff should be proud of what they have made ...this is certainly a band who in the future are going to be a force to be reckoned with." - Thinking Lyrically