· By John Frazier

Listen to Jon Bunch's Last Interview on the Washed Up Emo Podcast

2016 has been a trying year for music enthusiasts with the loss of some undeniable legends like David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Lemmy Kilmister to name a few. The punk/alternative/emo world was hit yet again, with the loss of, Jon Bunch. Bunch was the former frontman for the 1990's emo band Sense Field and later Further Seems Forever, War Generation and just before his death, Lucky Scars. Lucky Scars, under the moniker Johnny Scars, released their debut EP, Rock and Roll Party Foul, on Spartan Records just last year. Spartan Records founder, John Frazier had this to say about the late musician,

“Before I even knew Jon, he was a friend - his voice, somewhere in the great abyss, told me time and time again that everything was going to be alright. Like many people, meeting Jon was a dream come true for me. I had placed him on a pedestal because his words and music helped shape my view of the world. As a fan, he gave me hope and validated me throughout the times in my life when I needed it the most. As a friend and label owner, he put his trust in me to be a part of something that was very special to him. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities I had to know Jon - as a fan, admirer, advocate, and friend. RIP, Jon. Your spirit will be truly missed, but as you’ve told me many, many times before, there’s a light up ahead…”

In support of the band’s debut release, Tom Mullen, the founder and host of Washed Up Emo interviewed Bunch on his career, his future, and his latest release. Little did Mullen know, this would be Bunch’s last interview. Mullen had this to say about this pivotal interview and how impactful his chat with Bunch really was:

“I will never forget that the first thing Jon did when he picked up the phone for the podcast. He asked about my life and took the time to find out more about Washed Up Emo before the interview even started. I was blown away at how humble he was but also so proud of his life's work. It’s an honor to be able to present a small slice of Jon when someone listens back that I'm sure many friends and family know so well.

This podcast is supposed to be evergreen. You can listen in 5 years or in 10 years and know a good chunk of that band or era and some context to the scene and a way to look back but also look ahead. Jon was that last point to a T. He was so happy talking about the history but also his new music and what was next. Sadly, this was the last interview Jon did. I can only hope those close or those who have no idea who Jon Bunch was take and learn something from one of the most important voices in not only the independent scene but music in general. I am eternally grateful Jon took the time to talk with me about his life that will thankfully live on in aural form so someone can stumble upon Jon's music forever.”

Bunch harped on his future plans and the memories he would have created as a musician:

“I think the important thing is for guys like me is to create new memories and to live new memories, to have new shows and meet new people and bring along old friends. I like thinking back of all the old Sense Field days, and at the same time…I really don’t think of it too much, until I start to thinking of it. The goal is to create new parties and new shows and new music...keeps the future hopeful.”

To hear the full interview, fans can head to WashedUpEmo.com.

Fans and musicians from all over the world are continuing to pay tribute to the late musician and honor him since his passing. Washed Up Emo and Spartan Records chatted with several musicians including, Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory), Blair Shehan (The Jealous Sound), Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Jeff Caudill (Gameface), Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive), and Bob Nanna (Braid) about Jon. You can read some of those tributes here.

In addition, friend Casey Jones created a Go Fund Me to raise funds for Jon’s 12-year old son Jack. The fun is being established with the future cost of Jack’s higher learning as its primary objective. Second, Jon's family will need assistance with funeral-related expenses. Finally, Jon's mother conveyed that her son always had a passion for helping kids in need and so a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to a children's charity of the family's choosing. Please consider making a donation here.