Ghost Work

Light a Candle for the Lonely

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Even as past artistic endeavors come to a natural ending point, new inspiration can take root under the most trying circumstances. Ghost Work is a story of escaping cycles, the power of reconnection, and balancing the formative past with an unrevealed future.  While time moved forward in fits and starts for the members of Ghost Work -- Sean Husick (Milemarker), Erin Tate (Minus The Bear), Aaron Stauffer (Seaweed), Dustin Perry (Snapcase) -- the urge to continue to create remained constant.  At its core, Light a Candle For The Lonely is a meditation on the stark contrast between the natural beauty of our world and universe and the uncertainty and de-evolution that keeps us from celebrating it.  But within that unpredictability, certain growth and constants provide steadier footing. Light a Candle For The Lonely is the search for the authentic in place of the synthetic; the gratitude, humility, and dedication that is paired with a concerted renewal; and the reverberating sound of an unexpected reawakening.

You can hear a little Interpol in those driving guitars, along with echoes of the ’90s post-hardcore world that Milemarker and Seaweed came from in the first place.

- Brooklynvegan

1. Godspeed on the Trail
2. Earthquake
3. Erase the Morning
4. Grapes and Chrome
5. Orange of the Flame
6. Line 2
7. The Tea Leaves
8. Under the Fire
9. Conjured Leverage
10. Twilight of Hope
11. Wayward Northern

First pressing limited to 300 copies:

• Flame (100)
• Surf (200)

Full color jacket printed on matte stock and full-color printed matte innersleeve.

Alternative, Indie Rock
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Release Date
March 8, 2024
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LP / Digital