Suburban Eyes

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After over two decades of recording and touring with their individually prominent 90’s/early 00’s indie bands, Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive, Antarctica), Jeremy Gomez (Mineral, The Gloria Record), and John Anderson (Boys Life) have reconnected in the formation of their new project Suburban Eyes. While the members of the band collectively represent an impressive roster of previous projects, aside from their established DIY values and work ethic, Suburban Eyes does not rehash too much literal musical influence. Certainly each player brings their own unique sonic signatures that are identifiable to longtime listeners, but make no mistake – this is something new. Where Suburban Eyes truly sets itself apart is its sonic duality, seamlessly finding an intersection between propulsion and drive, but interwoven with dreamy and shimmering soundscapes – all while retaining accessible pop structures and hooks. In many ways, Suburban Eyes is a story of reconnection, but also a lesson also in taking things further than you thought was previously possible, but through completely different avenues. 

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