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In a time of facsimiles, replicas, and false tributes, along comes Reader — a bombastic, fearlessly unusual rock quartet from Seattle, WA. Practically speaking, this means stunning and precise vocal harmonies over shattering angular guitars, unconventional time signatures, and a driving rhythm section. Less practically speaking, the band’s debut record Engrams is a journey — a dynamic and unpredictable experience that challenges the listener in all the best ways. Attempting to neatly categorize Reader's sound is a fool’s errand. No clean “recommended if you like” comparisons can be made. The band could best be described as an experimental amalgamation of melodic and layered harmonies over aggressive and mathy guitar-driven rock. Think Alice In Chains meets the late-60’s vocal stylings of groups like CSNY and Simon and Garfunkel. An original juxtaposition of forces, authentic and uncompromised in any direction.

A collision of heavy, intense and urgent feeling, masterful musicianship, and lyrics and vocals that have an otherworldly (yet vulnerable) edge to them, Engrams is a triumphant success of a debut record.

- Kerrang!

1. Skeleton
2. Are You A Vampire
3. Agatha
4. Engrams
5. Lunger
6. Hooks
7. Invisible Hands
8. Gemini

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Heavyweight picture disc jacket with 3" x 5" black and white sticker.

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Post-Punk, Prog-Rock
Album Length
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August 16, 2019
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LP / Picture Disc / Digital