Florida Man


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Florida Man's sound is a tangle of pummeling guitars and howled vocals that captures the combined spirits of the most iconic noise rock and post-hardcore scenes of the past. The Florida Man LP packs the razor sharp riffing of San Diego (Hot Snakes, No Knife), the sheer power of Seattle (Botch, These Arms Are Snakes), and the unbridled creativity of Washington, DC (Fugazi, Faraquet) -- all filtered through the band's unique brand of sweat-soaked, southern grime. It's a formidable debut and a taste of what's to come as the band continues to plumb the depths of human strangeness with a new album on the way in 2019.

1. One Last Hit
2. Pulley
3. Holidays
4. B52
5. Slumlord
6. Wet Brain
7. Lidocaine
8. Shut-In (Bonus Track)

Post Hardcore, Punk
Release Date
February 15, 2019
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