American Opera

Small Victories

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Incremental progress. Monumental setbacks. Small victories. This is the story of American Opera. More than a record, Small Victories is a collection of moments, both devastating and victorious. Ominous nostalgia confronts hopeful reemergence. Sonically, think Manchester Orchestra meets Langhorne Slim — polished stones in a bed of gravel and grit. The result is a stunning eleven-song rollercoaster exploring a complete spectrum of emotion and experiences. It is an album of dynamics — a perfect balance of the fragile and explosive. By the end, we’re reminded that sometimes the small victories were all that mattered in the first place — and that the silver linings were not just that after all, but rather small glimpses of a larger hope that can sustain us through even the most miserable of seas.

1. Small Victories
2. Sand & Seed
3. Sailor's Song
4. Monsters Among Men
5. Michael
6. Sidewalks
7. Jack Pine
8. Dear Devil
9. An Empty Cup
10. Farewell
11. Songs I Used to Sing

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• "Hope" (Milky Clear / Electric Blue Half & Half w/ Aqua Blue, White, and Sea Blue Splatter) (250) - SOLD OUT
• "Fear" (Milky Clear / Baby Blue Swirl) (150) - SOLD OUT
• "Fight" (Milky Clear / Aqua Blue Quad-Split with White Splatter) (100) - SOLD OUT

Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverseboard stock with custom baby blue dust jackets.

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Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter
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June 30, 2017
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LP / CD / Digital