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Nique Everything

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Since their inception in late 2011, Norwegian noise rock duo Barren Womb have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their nasty swill of Punk 'n' Roll and Blackened Country Noise. Nique Everything, Barren Womb’s second and arguably most defining album to date, features 10 brand new bursts of easy listening for the hard of hearing. It sees the band further exploring soundscapes, instrumentation, and themes more commonly found in Country/Americana than in Noise Rock. Yet it still retains every ounce of energy and conviction the duo has been known for in the past. From the crushingly heavy opening track "Make sure you get yr whole head in front of the shotgun" via the frenetic Country Punk of tracks like "Piss jugs" and "Town’s back the way you came" to the swampy stomp of "Devil run the game" and "White raven," trails are being blazed left, right and center.

1. Make sure you get yr whole head in front of the shotgun
2. Heap blame - put to shame
3. White raven
4. Piss jugs
5. Town's back the way you came
6. Älyämpäri
7. Man fucks burning goat
8. Devil run the game
9. You can't fire me, because I quit
10. Svart hav

First pressing limited to 600 copies:

• "Mudhole" (Bronze / Aqua Blue Swirl with Dual Yellow and Gold Splatter) (250)
• "Shotgun" (Brown in White in Aqua Blue Color in Color in Color) (150)
• "Hangover" (Beer with Aqua Blue, Yellow, and White Splatter) (100)
• "Log" Picture Disc (100) - SOLD OUT

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with printed insert.

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Noise Punk, Blackened Country Noise
Album Length
Release Date
November 27, 2015
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LP / Digital