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Hiraeth: a word without a concrete English translation. While evading an unequivocal definition, it exudes melancholy. Those who have attempted to define it describe the word as a mixture of homesickness, nostalgia, grief, and longing. It is the oppressive guilt associated with memories now passed; the bitter remembrance of joyous occasions that can never be revisited. It is also the title of Shy, Low’s new full-length album. Just like the word Hiraeth itself, Shy, Low’s continual evolution make them a band that is not easy to define. While it would be convenient to corral the band into the bucket of canonical post-rock bands like Mono, Mogwai, and This Will Destroy You, on Hiraeth, Shy, Low’s eclectic palate of musical influences are showcased more broadly than ever before. The band earnestly sifts through the complex relationship between music, art, and the emotions that encapsulate the human experience — and in doing so, they’ve successfully created a brilliantly moving, yet strangely bittersweet 43 minute aural journey.

1. Nostos
2. Saudade
3. Anomic
4. Hiraeth
5. Algos
6. Times Gone By

Second pressing limited to 300 copies:

• "Forget-Me-Not" (Yellow-in-Electric Blue with White Splatter) (150) - SOLD OUT
• "Cowslip" (Highlighter Yellow with Orange Pinwheels) (150) - SOLD OUT

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• "Hallie Rose" (Coke Bottle Green / Bone Swirl with Purple, Oxblood, Blue, Baby Pink Splatter) (100) - SOLD OUT
• "Snowdon Lily" (White with Yellow Haze with Purple Splatter) (100) - SOLD OUT
• "Foxglove" (Oxblood in Bone Color In Color) (150) - SOLD OUT
• "Bell Heather" (Milky Clear and Baby Pink Swirl) (150) - SOLD OUT

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with printed uncoated insert.

All orders come with a high-quality download of Hiraeth.

Post-Rock, Instrumental
Album Length
Release Date
November 13, 2015
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LP / CD / Digital