I Couldn't Face You EP

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With the high concentration of sharpened elbows jockeying for position within the Nashville scene, it takes an extraordinary amount of artistry and ingenuity for a band to separate themselves from the pack -- especially with only an EP. In August of 2012 Michael Roe, Adam Easterling, Curtis Durard, and Zach Chiarizzio made a decision to take a break from their heavier band projects and collectively explore something new. There was no specific style they were trying to create, no image they were trying fit, and no sound they were trying to replicate. Four musicians simply got together, drew from their unique influences, and began to play. Chemistry formed, songs took shape, and what began as a project, pure and untainted, evolved into something much bigger -- a musical monolith that found it's feet in the form of stunning, and stirring EP. On the surface 'emotional rock and roll' is a reasonable summation of the band's sound, but that classification alone doesn't begin to describe the complexity and energy that propels the band's debut EP "I Couldn't Face You." With the perfect combination of powerful and propulsive guitars, an aggressive rhythm section, tastefully untamed production, conceptual storytelling and a fragile yet sophisticated voice, I Couldn't Face You is as effortlessly beautiful as it is unfathomably raw.

1. Numbing Truth
2. Sun
3. I Couldn't Face You
4. What's Done Is Done

First pressing limited to 300 copies on white 7" vinyl with pink innersleeve.

Alternative Rock
Album Length
Release Date
September 5, 2013
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7" / Digital