Unwed Sailor

Take A Minute

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"Take A Minute was released in 2017 between Unwed Sailor’s 2011 Tour Ep and the 2019 Heavy Age album. The songs on Take A Minute reflect a wide array of instrumental influences touching on a combination of distorted drum machines, world music, dance, industrial music, New Age music, and classical music. All these influences mixed with Unwed Sailor’s melodies and feeling created a unique and refreshing batch of songs that I’m proud of. Some key artist influences on the EP were New Order, Michael Brook, Robert Fripp, Godflesh, and John Williams. The artwork is a nod to time that I spent in New Orleans. It incorporates Mardi Gras beads and Star of Jasmine into a beautiful hand cut collage by Sterling Williams." - Johnathon Ford / Unwed Sailor