Calm Collapse

Mirrored Nature

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Spartan Records proudly presents a collective sum of historic parts.  Featuring a roster of indie rock nobility, Calm Collapse is comprised of Doug Lorig (Roadside Monument, Patrol, Raft of Dead Monkeys) on guitar/vocals, Rob Smith (Traindodge, Museum of Light) on drums/keys, and Jon Pease (Medicine Bows) on bass. The creative forces that shaped so many formative and fan-adored records have rematerialized and reassembled with their debut record, Mirrored Nature (produced by Matt Bayles [Mastodon, Foxing, Isis]), a heavy and melodic journey taking cues from a perfect storm of prior projects but decidedly exploring a new and dedicated direction. The punch of Mastodon, the grind of Melvins, the melodic discernment of Chavez, and the ethereal tendencies of Grails and Black Mountain. Calm Collapse represents another evolution for the trio and a chance to disassemble the artistic past, evaluate what worked, and reassemble with a new perspective.

1. Positive Greed
2. Sounds God
3. Brad Delp
4. Subtle Beast
5. Welfare Tour
6. Comeuppance
7. Shadows Paroled
8. Stairwell From The Moon

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• Looking Glass (250)
• Envy (150)
• Transparent Red (100)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with full-color printed innersleeve.

Album Length
Release Date
November 25, 2022
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LP / Digital