Shy, Low

Burning Day EP

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Although composed of only two songs, the creation of Shy, Low's new EP Burning Day spanned nearly two years. Both tracks were written in a context of tumultuous destabilization, both within the band's own private lives and the external social sphere in which they found themselves. The authoritarian turn in politics, both domestic and abroad, echoes in both songs. "Dialectics" and "Dissension" speak to the violent expression of contradiction and the recent catapulting of tyrannical normative ideals, which once festered self-consciously beneath the surface, to the social fore. The EP finds the band pointing in a fresh direction, one that is defined by the band's historical musicality and newly emergent desire to both create and recapture a certain grungier essence which was notably absent from the band’s 2015 full-length Hiraeth.

1. Dialectics
2. Dissension

Post-Rock, Instrumental
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July 7, 2017
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