Secret Stuff / Sundressed

Split 7" / EP

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In a music industry full of ever-changing digital trends and fads, there's one thing that still rings true - the indie DIY scene is as alive and well as ever. Friends and fans open up their homes for shows and bands bond together to take their music on the road because making memories with new friends makes the struggle of life on the road feel more like a good time than hard work. This is the case with two bands that are blazing their own trails on opposite sides of the country: Nashville's Secret Stuff and Phoenix's Sundressed. This summer, the bands will hit the road together and we're proud to help commemorate the tour with a split EP that consists of two new songs from each band.

On the heels of their recent EP This Is Fine, Secret Stuff deliver two new additions to what is quickly becoming an impressive repertoire of signature songs. The band effortlessly hearkens the spirit of mid-90's emo greats like American Football and Mineral while continuing to push the genre forward with a freshness all their own. Each song adds another page to their ever evolving coming of age tale that captures the struggles and triumphs that accompany our formative years.

Recently named by Alternative Press as one of their 12 bands to know in 2016, Sundressed walks the thin line between youthful enthusiasm and adult thoughtfulness, energetic punk and quirky indie, and harrowing desperation and uplifting hopefulness. Their two contributions to this EP showcase their endearingly honest melodic punk mixed with shades of indie rock, and massive hooks to spare.

1. Secret Stuff - Ew, You Taste Like Cigarettes
2. Secret Stuff - You Betcha, Pal
3. Sundressed - Autopilot
4. Sundressed - Best Of Worst Of (Acoustic)

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• "Arizona" (Aqua Blue / Transparent Bright Yellow Half and Half with Red Splatter on Yellow Half) (200)
• "Tennessee" (Aqua Blue / White Swirl with Red Splatter) (200) - SOLD OUT
• "Washington" (Cyan Blue / Transparent Yellow / Transparent Green Triple Swirl) (100) - SOLD OUT

Full color jacket printed on uncoated stock.

All orders include a high quality of the Split EP.

Alternative, Indie Rock
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July 29, 2016
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7" / Digital