This is not a story that has been calculated, engineered, or premeditated, nor is this a project that has been "years in the making." A rough draft does not exist and blueprints were never drawn. The NYVES narrative is something that nobody expected; it is a concept born out of the purest creative intentions, masterfully executed by way of instinct and organic collaboration. While aesthetically driving, layered, and complex, at its core Anxiety represents a pause. A release. An exhalation.

After sixteen combined releases and over 850,000 records sold, Ryan Clark (lead vocalist/songwriter of Demon Hunter) and Randy Torres (former lead guitarist/songwriter of Project 86) faced no pressure to reinvent themselves. In tremulous musical times, the two artists represent time-tested stability on all fronts: consistent releases, unrelenting touring, critically adored records, unwavering album sales, and rapidly compounding fan adoration. With no ulterior motives for a divergent project, NYVES emerged from completely unadulterated intentions. What began as a cathartic outlet centered on a mutual love for moody, electro-rock music resulted in one of the most gorgeous full-length records of the year. Dark, pulsing soundscapes are woven together by Clark’s instantly identifiable vocals; resonate layers are balanced by Torres’s crystal clear and expert production; and high levels of experimentation are outweighed only by melodic sensibility and sonic accessibility.


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