Rocky Votolato

Wild Roots

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Rocky Votolato’s music has consistently chased something universal — a perspective that connects us all, mysterious yet present, simultaneously humble and profound. Maturing over the course of eight increasingly accomplished solo albums, including the widely heralded records Suicide Medicine and Makers, he has spent the last two decades endlessly writing, recording, and touring. It is through this dedication that Votolato has become a mainstay within the indie-folk scene and developed a following of loyal and devoted fans who have been deeply impacted by his music. With his first release in seven years, Votolato returns with Wild Roots, an intimate concept album inspired by and written for his family. At its core, the record is a collection of fifteen epistolary songs, each one a letter to a family member focusing on a special memory or a specific moment in time. While the record inadvertently constructs a narrative of Votolato’s own life, multiple themes and motifs emerge that resonate universally with listeners. “This is a storytelling album,” says Votolato, “But to me, this record is really about how family has nothing to do with blood, but more to do with who sticks with you and who learns to be good to you, and love and appreciate you for who you are.”

1. Evergreen
2. 23 Stitches
3. Glory (Broken Dove)
4. There is a Light
5. x1998x
6. Becoming Human
7. Breakwater
8. Little Black Diamond
9. Archangels of Tornados
10. The Great Pontificator
11. The Wildest Horses
12. Little Lupine
13. Bella Rose
14. Southpaw
15. Texas Scorpion (The Outlaw Blues)

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Folk, Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter
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September 9, 2022
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LP / CD / Cassette / Digital