While the world slowly circles in a continuous holding pattern, some projects begin to take shape in their own time. It is through this organic and unhurried process that authenticity and earnestness germinates and rediscovery begins. These uncertain times also present opportunities for purging -- letting go of the past, picking up the pieces, and steering toward a more redemptive and cathartic pathway forward.

As the dust settled on an impressive list of former endeavors, it was an unlikely series of human connections that sparked the inception of Assertion. After years of self-described music industry PTSD and disenchantment, drummer William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, Foo Fighters) was pulled out of musical isolation through a shared connection with guitarist/vocalist Justin Tamminga (Blind Guides, Dying Trades) -- fatherhood.

Assertion is best described adjectively.  Real. Propulsive. Earnest. The band's debut record Intermission is complicated to categorize.  Equal parts raw and cinematic, it is a cathartic experience that, proudly, does not nestle nicely alongside current bands -- or really many releases at all from the last couple decades.  Intermission conjures more connections to the heady grit and soaring grind of the 90's.  Driving guitars anchored by a frenetic rhythm section.  A haunting vocal delivery concealing a heartfelt sentiment.  Track-by-track, the record builds into a dark and heavy crescendo but unpredictably retreats into delicate and fragile moments in masterful ways.

"...they sound straight out of the mid '90s post-hardcore era. William's drumming style is very similar to his work on Diary, and the dark, heavy, atmospheric songs recall stuff like Hum, Jawbox, and Quicksand. Assertion put a fresh spin on this stuff..."- Brooklynvegan