· By John Frazier

Welcome Waypoint to the Spartan Family!

We're so proud to announce the addition of Waypoint to the Spartan family! Emerging from the fertile musical soil of Jackson, Mississippi and slaying stages since 2009, Waypoint has turned thousands of heads with what critics have described as a "unique and new experience in heavy, ambient post-rock." With roots in the hardcore scene and hearts in the indie world, Waypoint has successfully managed to bridge the gap between the two genres and developed an unrepeatable sound of their own.

Waypoint's debut release "Good and Well" arose from the embers of tragedy and followed the passing of the band's best friend and bass player Emezie Harrison. The LP sent the band in a much darker and emotive direction, and they began to venture into deeper musical waters, exploring the influential sounds of grunge and post-rock alongside their hardcore/emo roots. Waypoint returned to the studio in the summer of 2012 to record the EP "Hollow Ground" and followed the release with extensive touring, sharing the stage with the likes of As Cities Burn, Colour Revolt, Sainthood Reps, and The Weeks.

In 2013 Waypoint re-entered the studio (The Refinery in Nashville) and focused their effort on an individual hard-hitting single titled "Solus." "Solus" (Latin for 'alone') marks the bands darkest and most mature material to date and caught the attention of Spartan Records. It did not take long for the label and band to enter into a musical love affair, and for Waypoint to find their true home with Spartan. Stream "Solus" below and download the song on iTunes.

The band will be headed into the studio later this summer to record their debut Spartan EP which will be released this fall. Watch the video update below, follow Waypoint on Facebook, and check spartanrecords.com frequently for updates, tour dates, and sneak peaks.