· By John Frazier

Welcome Trespassers to the Spartan Family! New EP "No Turning Back" Available Now

We're so excited to officially welcome Syracuse, New York's Trespassers to Spartan family! In conjunction with the signing, we're proud to re-release the band's debut EP, No Turning Back. Listen to the entire EP below and download your copy at iTunes, Bandcamp, or the Spartan store.

Originally conceived in 2012, Trespassers is a five-piece alternative punk band that began as an idea that finally came to fruition the following year when bandmates Matt Wojtanik (vocals), Matt Travers (guitarist), Tim Hall (guitar), Nick Hotaling (bass) and Alec LaBounty (drums) fell into synch with each other.

Earlier this year Trespassers self-released their first EP, No Turning Back, which the band co-produced with Steve Sopchak. Musically speaking, the EP is melodic, emotional and heavy. The gravity of the heavy moments is reinforced by the subtleness of the melodies, and the vulnerability in the songwriting is powerfully framed by confidence in the tones, musicianship, and arrangements. Through painstaking hours of DIY production, months of live rehearsals, and calculated collaboration with influential producers and engineers, Trespassers managed not only to circumvent all the trappings of “the generic” -- they were able to reach a synthesis of both inputs and outputs that was unmistakably “them.”

“We wanted these songs to hit heavier than anything we’d ever written,” says Travers. “Once the music began to take shape, we knew that thematically the EP was going to need to go in a pretty serious and emotional direction.”

Thematically, No Turning Back is a collection of songs about transformation. The process of writing lyrics for tracks like the band’s current single “Reveal” was in many ways a purging.

“We write what we feel and sometimes that involves wearing your heart on your sleeve and uncovering dark feelings,” adds Hall. “No Turning Back centers on those choices that continue to blind you from ugly truths; the ones that everyone in your life sees and tries to help you with, but you fail to listen. You keep falling back on what you are used to until finally you realize that something needs to change.”

Trespassers’ re-release of No Turning Back with Spartan Records is only the beginning. The band has plans for a follow-up EP in early 2015 and looks forward to extensive touring in the new year.

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