· By John Frazier

Welcome NYVES to the Spartan Family! Debut Album "Anxiety" Out June 23rd

Please welcome NYVES to the Spartan family! NYVES is the new electronic music project featuring Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) and Randy Torres (ex-Project 86). The band's debut album Anxiety will be released worldwide on June 23rd and is available for pre-order now on limited edition vinyl and CD - and as part of several merchandise bundles that include an exclusive NYVES t-shirt and wall flag. All pre-orders include an instant download of the songs “Something Divine” and “Fall Behind.” Watch the new music video for the song "Return" and pre-order the album here.

After sixteen combined releases and over 850,000 records sold, the duo faced no pressure to reinvent themselves. In tremulous musical times, the two artists represent time-tested stability on all fronts: consistent releases, unrelenting touring, critically adored records, unwavering album sales, and rapidly compounding fan adoration. With no ulterior motives for a divergent project, NYVES emerged from completely unadulterated intentions. What began as a cathartic outlet centered on a mutual love for moody, electro-rock music resulted in one of the most gorgeous full-length records of the year. Dark, pulsing soundscapes are woven together by Clark’s instantly identifiable vocals; resonate layers are balanced by Torres’s crystal clear and expert production; and high levels of experimentation are outweighed only by melodic sensibility and sonic accessibility.

“I’ve been playing/writing hardcore and metal for the past 20 years, so when the chance to do something completely different presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity. With NYVES, I can channel my inspirations into something new, and it fulfills a different side of my creativity. Randy came to me with some amazing ideas -- the kind of songs I’d hear in my head when I imagined doing something different,” says Clark.

“We share so many musical influences, and we’ve always wanted to do a project together,” adds Torres. “The artists that influenced NYVES have amazing sounding records and that became a driving force in the process of creating this record -- to create something equally as great.”