· By John Frazier

Welcome Lucky Scars To The Spartan Party!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed the Orange County, CA rock and roll band Lucky Scars, the latest project of Johnny Scars (Jon Bunch of Sense Field/Further Seems Forever/War Generation) and Nik Kill (Nik Hill formerly of Ignite) and will release the band's debut EP Rock and Roll Party Foul on limited edition 7" vinyl and at digital retailers everywhere on October 23rd.

Produced by Jim Monroe (CJ Ramone, The Adolescents) and mastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendants, All, Flag), the EP contains four breakneck blasts of good, old-fashioned, beer-swillin' American rock and roll. With songs about a female assassin ("Bandita"), fear of the government ("All Lies"), breaking the law ("Rules and Laws"), and killing people in positions of power ("Vampire"), the band exists to further rattle those who live comfortably in paranoia.

Using the boy band analogy to describe Lucky Scars, Nik Kill (lead guitar) is the cute one. He hails from the dark streets and dirty back alleys of San Jose, CA. He dropped out of high school to dedicate his life to rock ‘n’ roll and has never looked back.

Tall, lovable Johnny Scars (lead vocals) has never turned down a chance to party or rock. He’s the A.J. McLean of the band — before A.J. got sober. A cross between a drunk teddy bear and a bull in a China shop, Johnny wants nothing more than to rock with you, not against you.

Craig Rage (drums) is the mean one. Uncomfortable in crowds, he has offered up no personal information, only grunts and middle fingers.

K.D. Wish (guitar) is the quiet one. An avid outdoorsman and motorcycle enthusiast, he also collects guitars and weapons. His latest home improvement project is building a bomb shelter.

Don Jose Cuervo de los Burros (bass guitar) is the smart one. He lives and breathes rock ‘n’ roll. He's the head counselor at a rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp.

And why did they choose to work with Spartan Records? Johnny says:

"They agreed to a year's supply of beer. How could I say no to signing with Spartan? This will guarantee great records for the year to come.”

Lucky Scars has but one goal and ambition: to rock your backyard party. Stayed tuned for new music, pre-orders, and much more soon and keep up with Lucky Scars on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest dirt.