· By John Frazier

Welcome Iceland's VAR to the Spartan Family! New Album "The Never-Ending Year" Out April 24th

Please join us in welcoming Iceland’s VAR to the Spartan family! We’re excited to release the band’s new album The Never-Ending Year worldwide on April 24th on LP/Digital. Listen to the premiere of the song “Moments” at Everything Is Noise here and get an instant download of the song when you pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl. The Never-Ending Year stands as one of our most awe-inspiring releases to date, and a record that will grow and evolve with each listen.

In certain seasons, time can depart from the static drone of minutes and hours and days and months, and settle into a less mechanical rhythm. It is replaced by something more organic -- a fluctuating heartbeat, both resting and racing. This transition happens without notice as slowly the external becomes the internal. In more linear terms, the new decade will mark a new addition to the Spartan Records roster — Iceland’s VAR, a melodic indie rock quartet. Building upon four years of performance and experimentation within their home country, VAR has honed their devastatingly beautiful sound into something more refined and explosive on their debut LP The Never-Ending Year. Think Sigur Ros with more urgency, We Were Promised Jetpacks with more intricacy, and Frightened Rabbit with more grit.