· By John Frazier

New Honey and Salt Song "A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting" Premiering Now at Post-Trash

The upcoming self-titled album from Austin's Honey and Salt will be released everywhere on April 6th! We've teamed up with Post-Trash to premiere the the raucous opening track "A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting." Along with an in-depth interview, Post-Trash praised the album saying, "the record is full of dazzling math-rock workmanship, but it mains a pop spirit underneath it all, turning songs of technical wizardry into something you can hum along with." Listen to the song here and pre-order the album to get an instant download of two new songs now!

"A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting" is something of a mission statement for the new album. The track highlights the band's ability to blend Kinsella-esque guitar work and intricate melodies with the grit and lyrical depth of DC's Revolution Summer. Honey and Salt hasn't just inherited the sounds of those Dischord halcyon days, the band's lyrics pack a sociopolitical punch as well. The album finds Honey and Salt wrestling with the chaotic climate of today and searching for the means to stay optimistic despite national and global issues that can appear insurmountable. Throughout the album's lyrics, vocalist/guitarist Wade Allen (a former philosophy teacher) asks difficult questions about our humanity and the pull of complacency in times of despair, as well as the power of art for solace and inspiration.