· By John Frazier

Listen to Shy, Low's "Algos" at Gold Flake Paint

The sophomore album from the Richmond, VA post-rock outfit Shy, Low, Hiraeth, will be released this Friday on limited edition vinyl, CD, and at digital retailers. In anticipation of the release, we're premiering the breathtakingly beautiful new song "Algos" at Gold Flake Paint. Listen here.

Drummer Sean Doody says,

"Algos" means pain or ache, whereas "Nostos" means homecoming. Together, they form the common word "nostalgia." Nostalgia is a major theme on the record, and "Algos" is, in many ways, the other side of "Nostos," the first song on the album. In writing "Algos," we were really trying to capture the deeply melancholy character of nostalgic experiences. Jessika Blanks performs a haunting violin arrangement on the song, and we feel that this adds a textural and emotional level to the composition that speaks directly to the record's main thesis. While very simple, this is one of our favorite tracks on the record.

Hiraeth is available to pre-order now on limited edition vinyl, CD, or as part of a t-shirt bundle at the Spartan store and Bandcamp and at iTunes.