· By John Frazier

Listen to Barren Womb's New Song "White Raven" at Revolver

Take a trip into the Norwegian back country and listen to the premiere of Barren Womb's new song "White raven" at Revolver! It's the finest bit of blackened country noise you'll hear this year and it comes off the band's upcoming album Nique Everything which is due out November 27th. Listen to the song here!

Pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl and picture disc at the Spartan store and Bandcamp or at iTunes to get an instant download of the songs "White raven" and "You can't fire me, because I quit" now.

Timo Silvola (drums/vocals) tells Revolver:

The white raven looks quite different than other ravens. It is therefore shunned and looked down on by it’s own kind and falls easy prey to it’s enemies, making it the loser of the bird kingdom. It is truly the loneliest of all birds, never fitting in anywhere.

Tony Gonzahl (guitar/vocals) adds:

The song bearing it’s name got started from a part that we had been kicking around forever and that, like the bird, never fit in anywhere. We had kind of thrown it in the vault and forgot all about it. Then one day we spontaneously started jamming on it and it all fell into place in a matter of minutes. We soon ended up with catchy stew of noisy rock and alternative country. That was one hell of a good day!