· By John Frazier

Don't miss Honey and Salt at SXSW

Are you headed to Austin for this year's SXSW? If so, don't miss Honey and Salt performing songs from their upcoming self-titled album all week long...and if you haven't yet, pre-order the album on some stunning limited edition vinyl here to get an instant download of the new song "Simple Errors."

3/12 - Monday // Howdy Gals Spider House Kick-Off
3/14 - Wednesday // 2nd Annual South By Hikes Fest!
3/14 - Wednesday // Ovrld & Melted Magazine Present: This Must Be The Place
3/15 - Thursday // SX at The Audubon Society!
3/16 - Friday // Austin 3:16 SXSWhoopAss at the Tremble Inn
3/17 - Saturday // Howdy Gals Beerland All Day Party
3/17 - Saturday // Paradigms' Math-Rock SXSW St. Patricks House Showcase