· By John Frazier

Barren Womb's Debut Album "The sun's not yellow, it's chicken" Available Now

The debut album from the Norwegian noise-mongers in Barren Womb, The sun's not yellow, it's chicken, is available in stores and online everywhere now!

With comparisons to both Refused and Kvelertak, Barren Womb is stirring up a deafening buzz with their provocative and controversial new record that holds nothing back. Featuring tracks like “Evil prevails,”“Kill Hicks,” and “Will you be God’s art or Satan’s graffiti?,”The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken is an aggressive yet bleak record with bold truths about the downfall of society as a result of greed, corruption and the degradation of values and beliefs.

Stream the entire album now at Metal Injection or Spotify and pick up the album digitally at iTunes and Amazon or on limited edition vinyl and CD at the Spartan store.