· By John Frazier

The Story of Mountain Time's Saint Francis, Zookeeper

We are so excited to be able to share the full story of Saint Francis, Zookeeper with you all.

Sitting down with the vinyl and seeing and hearing how it has all come together has been extremely gratifying. It feels like a truly special product, documenting a truly special time in my life and work. The prevailing feeling I held in those times was one of the absolute freedom of becoming. I felt emboldened to explore and expand and experiment, with no compass but my own heart and soul.

I am forever grateful that it was not a solo mission, but one on which I was spontaneously joined by so many wonderful people and players, who breathed a life and quality I could never have imagined alone into these songs.

A massive thank you is in order to Seth Woods, for not only being a coworker, a friend, a cheerleader, bandleader, and musical director, but also for helping to tell this story, first with his words and now with his voice.

And to Spartan Records for taking this project on fearlessly and passionately (and with that most important of artistic ingredients… a blind eye to the bottom line). ❤️

- Chris Simpson, February 2022